Parkinson’s Disease (PD) develops slowly over the span of years, and there are currently no lab tests or biomarkers to detect it. Instead, a diagnosis relies on an overall evaluation of physical symptoms, such as tremors, gait, and slowness of movement. It can take days, or years to diagnose PD. However, there are promising studies in using voice analysis to accurately diagnose patients.

A study by Max A. Little, Patrick E. McSharry, Eric J. Hunter, Lorraine O. Ramig (‘Suitability of dysphonia measurements for telemonitoring of Parkinson’s disease’, 2008), examined vocal impairment as a symptom of PD. The impairment may be…

Are women on the road to closing the gender gap? A look at education and employment for women around the world.

The inspiration for this project was Melinda Gates’s book “The Moment of Lift”. The book’s key tenet is that when you give women resources, they invest it in their family and community, and this is an important reason we must “lift” women up. To empower women is to, in practical terms, make the world a better place. It’s full of amazing stories and some celebrity cameos (Hans Rosling!).

Gates’s insights were backed by data, and I wanted to see this for myself. I found a gender study dataset provided by the World Bank. It covers 263 countries, regions, and groupings…

Temsy Chen

Data Science student at Lambda School

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